Built in 1902, in the heart of historic Old Bisbee, the Medigovich Building was lovingly restored literally brick-by-brick by John Brinley in 2000 as a gift to Bisbee's heritage. Mr. Brinley then sold it to the current owners in 2006. It's presently home to Hotel San Ramón and Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant.

The building’s many incarnations have included a pharmacy, grocery, a Western Union telegraph office, mercantile, barber shop, miner's bath house, Moose Lodge and ice cream parlour. The hotel portion was the offices of Bisbee Fuel and Feed (selling hay, wood and coal for heating as well as renting mules and horses) from 1911-1920 and the home of the The El Minuto Tortilla Factory in the 1970s and 80s.

On Statehood Day (February 14, 1912) a flag was waved from a second story window to mark the signing of the Arizona Statehood Bill in Washington. The news of the signing was relayed by telegraph. When the young lady waved the flag there was a 16-charge dynamite salute from the glory hole above the post office in response.

The proprietor of Central Pharmacy (circa 1912) was the current owners’ great-grandfather, Frenchman Leonnard Vigneaux. Vigneaux married Maria Enriqueta Rivera Baz here in Bisbee in 1907, most likely in the Presbyterian Church just up the street, where almost 100 years later, two of the current owners exchanged their vows. Maria ran a mercantile and rooming house just up the street. The family then settled in the nearby border city of Douglas for the next three generations, returning to Bisbee in 1996 to revive great-grandpa Vigneaux’s entrepenurial spirit.

Hotel San Ramón, 5 Howell Ave, P.O. Drawer BV, Bisbee, AZ 85603
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